congratulations to H.Stars group successful online presentation at PSME philippines 2021-07-26

H.Stars groupwas invited by the THE 7th PSME VISAYAS regional CONFERENCE( PSME) in Philippines, and has successfully presented the HVACR equipment technology on july 16, 2021, through the zoom online video conference. The conference on HVACR equipment was hosted by PSME, and the theme is: “Mechanical Engineers: moving ahead with the challenges Towards nation Building” there are total a total of 200-300 professional engineers conduct online/offline discussions invited as audience and around 30 companies to share their hvac product technology.

PSME Philippines

The following is PSME introduction:
PSME was established in 1952. it has 82 branches in the philippines and 35,000 members. They are professional engineers.

H.STARS as the 12th guest

H.Stars group which established in 1992, focusing on the R&D and production of HVAC equipment for more than 30 years. it consists of 8 branch companies. The company history and products range and project reference was presented in english by ms Nataly Zhang, sales engineering manager of H.Stars group overseas department , and later on AHU technology and production part was presented vividly by our subsidiary managing director mr. Micheal yip

H.Stars Group Successful Online Presentation at PSME Philippines

H.Stars group has shared its leading products of air handling unit , heat pump, chiller, heat exchagners, which specifically explained during the covid-19 pandemic year how H.Stars group make the contribution by providing high efficient and energy saving hvac products to hospitals and pharmaceutical factories to assist them on the development of the world epidemic in a good direction.

PSME Philippines Contents

Hstars project for peru hospital

due to the impact of the COVID 19 epidemic, philippines has cancelled all offline exhibitions However the diseases cannot stop engineers curiosities and learning spirits. nowadays online marketing and conference meetings are becoming more and more popular during pandemic years. there are more than 500 guests have been invited as audiences participated in this seminar and over 200 peoples joined this meeting

online marketing and conference meetings

H.Stars group is looking forward to more and more industry's technology seminars online and to benefit all the teams overseas.

PSME Philippines

PSME Philippines

Finally, H.Stars group would like to thank our business partner our agent “ Lincon manufacturing Phils., inc “ invitation and cooperation to have this successful Webinar on our company and products in philippine market and thanks to the sincere invitation from PSME too.

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